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Various selection of Shelving UnitsBar Cutter and Sheet CutterKeep tidy with our wide slection of Metal Tool BoxLeading manufacturer of Hose Clamps in ThailandWide Selection of Letter Box , Mail Box

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Manufacturer of Tool Box, Bar Cutter, Shelving unit, Hose clamps

For more than 30 years, Bangkok Tools Industrial Co.,Ltd have been a reliable manufacturer of a wide and diverse lines of products to the construction and hardware sector to many countries around the world.

Our product lines include :-

Metal Tool Box
Metal Tool Chest and Cabinet

Bar Cutter / Bar Cutting Machine

Shelving Units
Hose Clamps / Hose Clips
Letter Box / Mail Box

We strive to provide our customers with good quality products and services.
With our long time expertise in manufacturing and exportation, we have been developing our International customer base around the world.

We operate in 4 different lines of various hardware and furniture lines.

Metal Tool Box , Tool Chest , Cabinet and Letter Box

Find variety of tool's storage , tool chest and letter boxes at Bangkok Tools Industrial Co.,Ltd.
We produce a variety of high quality portable tool boxes, tool chest with cabinet as well as letter box.
Every step of production is done with care. We do take extra care during QC process to make sure that we are delivering the tool box that will bring satisfaction to the users.

Reinforced-Bar Cutting machine

Our bar cutting machine is manual type. It is designed with compact, yet very strong construction. It is equipped with high quality Blades that can cut reinforced bar in seconds.
- No noisy cutting sound
- No electricity needed
- Easy to operate
- Compact size.
- Easy to install and move along worksite
- High Quality cutting blades

Shelving Unit

Suitable to Furniture or D.I.Y. stores, our shelving units are designed in easy Knock-down system.
There are no bolts and nuts required.

Hose Clamps

NPP BRAND High Quality British type hose clamps that can take high torque tolerance job.
Suitable to Pipe Fittings stores and General Hardware stores.

** If your requirement of hose clamps are higher than usual, TRY OURS!! **

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